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The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume 1

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The Best of Frontier Tales, Volume 1

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The Death of Delgado

A three-time Spur award-winning author, "Miller is a talented man. Writer. Cowboy. Poet. He understands the complexity of the West and the good people who live on the land and make it work, and his skill with words tells the tale well."
~ RANGE magazine

Things a Cowboy Sees and Other Poems

"Miller's work stands out like a Thoroughbred in a pen full of ponies. His wry humor works the same way that Baxter Black's does—it saves us from taking ourselves too seriously."
~ Gary Vorhes, former Editor-in-Chief
Western Horseman magazine

Goodnight Goes Riding

"Rod Miller is one of the rare breed of writers who can write the historical, traditional or contemporary West, humorous or serious, for young readers or mature. He writes from the heart, and he always writes well.
~ Johnny D. Boggs, six-time winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award

Fort Fisher

This dramatic Civil War novel details the four-day pivotal battle for Fort Fisher, NC, in that conflict's waning days. Told from the point of view of enlisted personnel on both sides, as well as a local woman, this is the first American novel to focus on the role of the Union Navy and the life of a Union sailor.

Livestock Man

These poems are love stories. Love stories to the land, to the past, to the present, to the future, to animals, to tracks in the sand, to hidden seep springs in deep canyons, to witches in the night, to wild grapes and longing, to campfires. But more than anything, they are love stories about work.

The Story Is the Thing

The old cowboy is gone, but he left his story behind. It is a story of love, loss and life lessons, of confession and absolution, a story of poetry and rescue, a story of loneliness and a story of coming together.

Winter of Beauty

Auker captures the deepest longings of ranch folk living far from the paved roads, in harmony with the forces of nature, life, and death, under the shadow of The Bride.

Blood Silver

Blood Silver relates the life of James Yoachum, with simple truths and sobering questions about the first white settlers on Indian land in the Missouri Ozarks. With elements of love, fear, treachery and family relationships, the suspense grows page after page.

Murder Rocks

Alf Bolin had simple desires: to become rich and to marry Emmy Ann Granger. But he faced two obstacles—he was a poor fellow without any real prospects, and Emmy Ann's father promised to kill him if he so much as laid eyes on him.


For the younger readers.

The River Of Cattle

Winner of the Will Rogers Medallion and the Western Fictioneer's Peacemaker award.

Will Whitaker's eleventh summer is one thrill after another. A cattle drive with a famous Texas Ranger, a Comanche trying to steal his horse, a buffalo stampede, thirst-maddened cattle crossing eighty miles of alkali desert to a dangerous ford on the Pecos River—it's almost more than Will can endure.

Mystery on thePecos

Book Two in the Will & Buck series by award-winning author Alice V. Brock. Will and his buckskin stallion join their friend Two Feathers as they fend off thieves and kidnappers on the Pecos River ranch they call home.

Palo Duro Mustangs

Two Feathers, a half-blood Comanche of 14, and his adopted brother, Will, struggle to keep their Pecos River Ranch home. The boys are relentlessly attacked by Two Feathers' uncle, who hates them and is obsessed with stealing Buck, Will's faithful stallion. The boys must win their battles on the harsh Staked Plains alone.

Papa's Gold

2013 Spur award winner
Best Western Juvenile Fiction!

Spirited eleven-year-old twins must grow up quickly when the Civil War forces their family to escape from Confederate-held Tennessee.