December, 2014

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Issue #63

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The Colonel's Lady, Part 2 of 2
by Steve Myers
Abigail was the beautiful young wife of the Fort's commander, smack in the middle of Indian country, yet she sneaked into the room of an ex-Confederate officer from New York, of all places. Something's afoot!

* * *

The Cripple of Pioche
by Edward McDermott
The Nevada mine explosion cost Jack Wheelock his leg and his job. It was the worst thing that could have happened . . . or was it?

* * *

Desert Justice
by Ben Winter
Three bank robbers ran into the desert to escape justice. Luckily they found an old prospector who said he'd lead them to water—but what else?

* * *

by Callie Smith
When something goes rogue, there's only one recourse . . . kill it!

* * *

Too Much of a Kid
by Robert Gilbert
What can you do with a good boy who falls in with the wrong crowd? When you're an honest lawman, you must do your duty. But what is your duty?

* * *

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