August, 2015

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Issue #71

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A Brush with the Indians
by RLB Hartmann
The young couple dropped further behind the wagon train, slowed by the pain she suffered. They'd been warned about the Indian dangers, but she could go no further. Then the Kiowa came.

* * *

Mitchell and the Willcox Gold Shipment
by Dick Derham
Mitchell had joined the Wells, Fargo & Company ranks from the bowels of Yuma prison. His job was to infiltrate the gangs and inform on them. But now he was back where he always wanted to be, with a share of the gold. Every outlaw’s dream come true?

* * *

Randall Macomber
by Lela Marie De La Garza
Max was after Randall Macomber, and he joined with two bounty hunters to find him. They wanted the reward for Macomber, but Max wanted more . . . and he'd sworn to his mother he’d get him.

* * *

The Brothers Bowie
by B. Craig Grafton
Jim and Rezin Bowie were almost legendary, but there was only time for two shots against the three Comanche warriors. There was no way they’d let the Bowie’s get away.

* * *

They Were Intrepid, Part 1 of 2
by John Kallenbach
Winslow Nash was a good lawman. Though not rich or popular, he didn't mind . . . protecting people was important to him. When his younger brother, Gabriel, became a deputy, Winslow was proud but fearful. Then Gabriel came up against Tracy Amidon, the most notorious gunfighter ever! (Part 2 in September)

* * *

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