July, 2015

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Issue #70

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The Education of an Outlaw
by Dick Derham
When the guards dragged him to the Warden's Office in the Yuma Penitentiary, Mitchell figured he was in for a beating. But he was tough. He could take anything The Law could dish out—or could he?

* * *

Foolish Dreams
by Rafael Phoenix Blayze
He'd read stories about the gamblers who lived rich and colorful lives, pitting their skills and wit against all comers. But now he was facing the infamous Doc Holliday and death was in the air.

* * *

Billy Bingo
by Mitch Hale
A tongue-in-cheek account of the West's best man-hunter, detective, bounty hunter—and lover.

* * *

Amigo Juan's War
by Tom Sheehan
Amigo Juan was the most strangely dressed cowhand on Old Man Anderson's vast ranch. People looked at him with suspicion, but not the Old Man. So when the Old Man was shot down from behind, Amigo Juan took it personally.

* * *

Crossing the Range
by Benjamin J Gordy
Riding from Texas into Mexico was dangerous. The Indians think you're invaders, trespassing on their territory—so do the Mexicans. Does might make right?

* * *

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