June, 2015

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Issue #69

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The Human Rifle
by Ken Newton
I figured there was something bad wrong with Momma when Uncle John came out of the house. When he handed me his revolver and then took up his human rifle, I knew we were going on a manhunt.

* * *

The Capture of Cynthia Adams
by Lela Marie De La Garza
When the Indians captured her, Cynthia was afraid they would use her the way she'd been told, for their amusement. She soon discovered what they really wanted from her.

* * *

The Stranger
by Larry Flewin
When the stranger showed up and helped fix her broken wagon wheel, Kansas MacLean figured she'd just had a bit of luck. But it wasn't going to be good luck for everybody at the Wells-Fargo station!

* * *

The Forgiven
by Christopher Davis
The Bratton gang had a choice: try to take on the gunslinger, the minister, the teamster, and the boy; or else, turn tail and run. Well, we should all be forgiven for our small lapses in judgment, shouldn't we?

* * *

A Lesson
by David Henrie
Robby was ten, and he surely did admire the way Mr. Tucker carried that big pistol of his. Tucker figured the boy needed a lesson. Turned out, and he was just the man to provide it.

* * *

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