May, 2015

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Issue #68

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Cowboys in the Badlands
by Roy Jerden
Two trail-worn cowboys find themselves babysitting a fancy-pants artist from back East. When a pack of wild Sioux turn up in the area, the pair decide to hightail it outta there—but the Lakota warrior Two Toes has other ideas.

* * *

Justin's Hole
by Johnny Gunn
The gold mine's new boss reckoned there was a killing to be made in the little village of Justin's Hole. He was almost right, too!

* * *

A Chinaman's Chance
by Steve Myers
Poor Kwong finds himself shoved into the ring to fight against Irish Mike, the granite-jawed foreman of the mining camp and reigning bare-knuckle champ. Did the poor Chinaman have a chance?

* * *

The Reata
by Jeffrey A. Paolano
Bennie cherished his reata, a thing of beauty worth more than anything else he'd ever owned. Why would he let it be ruined?

* * *

Three Kings, Part 2 of 2
by Michael Matson
Dee Bandy knew a range war was building. A mercenary gunman had come to town, with the promise that he'd kill Dee when the shooting started. Could the rancher protect his family and still manage to stay alive?

* * *

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The Day We Hung the Tallest Thomas was the Readers' Choice for last month's Best Story.
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