April, 2015

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Issue #67

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Three Kings, Part 1 of 2
by Michael Matson
The boy left when he was fifteen, already toughened by hard work, to find his own way in the world. Seven years later he's back—and smack dab in the middle of a brewing range war.

* * *

The Pride of the Apache
by Dick Derham
Lieutenant Davis had orders to accompany Geronimo and his band to the San Carlos reservation, but U.S. Marshal Jeffords—a political opportunist—demanded Davis arrest the Apache leader. Whose command should the young officer disobey?

* * *

Justice and the Law
by Steve Myers
The unbending judge sentenced the youngster to hang by his neck until he was dead. Marshal Webster aimed to keep the child from suffering the slow and horrible death that was awaiting him.

* * *

Tank Mullins is Coming!
by Lowell "Zeke" Ziemann
Tank Mullins was well known in these parts of the country, but no one alive had yet seen him. Now word spread like wildfire that the legendary killer was on his way!

* * *

'Lo Midnight
by Steve Evans
As he watched the stranger approach, Tance Trodder's hand clenched the well-worn handle of the tool of his trade. He knew he had a job to do—as distasteful as it was to some.

* * *

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