February, 2015

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Issue #65

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A Blood Debt
by Steve Myers
Good men turn bad for any number of reasons. When twenty years of pent-up hatred sees a chance to surface, should a man grab the reins to exact vengeance or mercy?

* * *

Buzzard Bait
by Jeffrey A. Paolano
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you promised something but the person you swore to has died? Some would say an honorable man must keep his word, even if it puts his own life is in jeopardy.

* * *

New Beginnings, Part 2 of 2
by Jesse J Elliot
He moved her into his grand hotel, with free room and board, even though she'd worked at the whore house. What did the hotelier have in mind?

* * *

The Banker
by Willy Whiskers
Banker Eric Slaughter was thwarted by his competition, Thomas Teasdale, but he swore he would put Teasdale out of business. Will his ruthlessness bite him in the tail?

* * *

The Last Posse
by Lowell A. "Zeke" Ziemann
Old Marshal Marks left his retirement party only to discover his replacement dead, and a dangerous prisoner escaped. It was time for one last posse but could he and his cronies get it done?

* * *

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Last Month's Winner

Congratulations goes to Jesse J Elliot!
New Beginnings was the Readers' Choice for last month's Best Story.
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